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Device of the Hour: Standardized Wheelchair Securement Loops

While touring Rio prior to the 2016 Paralympic Games, champion wheelchair racer, Hannah Cockroft could see that the city had a lot of catching up to do. She quickly discovered that little had changed since the 2009 decision to hold the games there. Shockingly, local taxis could only transport a maximum of eight wheelchair users. That [...]

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School Bus Restraints Ensure Safety of Children Using Wheelchairs

School buses are the safest way to transport children to school. Students are 50 times more likely to arrive at school safely if they travel by school bus than if they drive themselves or go with friends, according to statistics from the US Department of Transportation. School buses are a safer option even when compared to being [...]

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Top Jobs for Wheelchair Users

Did you know that more than 10.3 million adults live with physical disabilities in America? The unemployment rate of people with physical disabilities is about 50% greater than that of people without mobility limitations. Fortunately, opportunities for people with special needs are on the rise. This is due much in part to the efforts of the Americans with Disabilities [...]

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TITAN800 Featured in School Bus Fleet Magazine

Sure-Lok International has introduced the Titan800, a new wheelchair securement retractor in the existing Titan product line. The retractor is designed to meet the latest WC18 industry regulations, which take effect in December 2015. Read the full article here.

TITAN800 Featured in School Bus Fleet Magazine2016-08-01T20:45:11+00:00

Jean-Marc Girardin Featured

Jean-Marc Girardin, founder/executive chairman at Q’Straint, talks about how the company’s key innovations shaped the industry and how important family is to the business. For 30 years, Q’Straint has remained focused on one vision: to develop the world’s most effective wheelchair passenger safety solutions for public and private transportation. Today, Q’Straint is a global company [...]

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2014 Small Bus Roadeo

HAROLD SMITH is this years winner of the Q'Straint & Sure-Lok Sponsored MICHIGAN SMALL BUS ROADEO. He has competed in three Regional Roadeos, placing 2nd and 3rd; three State Roadeos, also placing 2nd and 3rd and taking Rookie of the year in 2012. Harold is also proud to be part of the reigning team Champions [...]

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