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Product Update – Retractor PLI

We are pleased to announce that effective beginning February 2017, Sure-Lok wheelchair securements will be updated to include PLI fittings. The Positive Lock Indicator (PLI) is a patented feature that gives the operator a clear visual indication that the fitting is locked into the anchorage. This will be a running change with no lapse in inventory. [...]

Product Update – Retractor PLI2017-05-10T13:23:51+00:00

Product Advisory – L-Track

Effective immediately, OMNI L-Track will now be shipping from both our Florida & Pennsylvania locations. Most non-standard OMNI L-Track will ship from our Florida facility, while standard OMNI L-Track will continue to ship from the Sure-Lok location in Pennsylvania. Nothing will change in the way you order your track. This is an internal, logistical change [...]

Product Advisory – L-Track2016-04-21T20:57:49+00:00

Product Advisory – Occupant Restraints

Sure‐Lok has a new and improved look for its Occupant Restraint Belts. The updated style is more ergonomic without changing any of the functionality you expect from Sure‐Lok products. We estimate you could begin receiving the updated Occupant Restraints beginning in April 2014. We have detailed all the changes below so you know exactly what [...]

Product Advisory – Occupant Restraints2017-05-10T13:23:52+00:00