This website and the Sure-Lok product catalog were designed to help you choose the proper Sure-Lok Wheelchair Securement and Occupant Restraint System. This website and the catalog provide information for the following products:

  • Retractor Wheelchair Securement Systems
  • Manual Wheelchair Securement Systems
  • Occupant Restraint Systems
  • Floor Anchor Systems
  • Accessories

This website and the catalog are not all-inclusive and will not cover or represent every application, installation or operation. If you are unsure about a particular product or application, there are training and reference materials available. Please contact Sure-Lok at 866-SURE-LOK (787-3565) for further information.


Select Sure-Lok Products Suitable for Your Application

The Sure-Lok products that you select must be suitable for your particular application. All products shown on this website and in the catalog are designed and intended to be installed and operated with the occupant in a forward-facing orientation within the vehicle. Installation of products that are not suitable or are installed in an unsuitable manner may compromise proper securement of the wheelchair and occupant, causing injury or death to the occupant, other passengers or driver and wheelchair damage.

Read and Understand Sure-Lok Product Information

Always read and understand the operation instructions that come with Sure-Lok products, warnings and in-vehicle decals and review our TRAINING AQADEMY. These materials provide further information regarding installation and operation. Always provide these materials to the user of the system and keep them with the vehicle at all times.

Use Sure-Lok Products as Manufactured

Always use Sure-Lok Wheelchair Securements, Occupant Restraint Systems, Track and Anchorages together. Do not modify or substitute with other non-Sure-Lok products. When used as recommended, Sure-Lok products conform to current, applicable industry standards and government regulations as stated on the website or in the catalog.

Review Application, Installation and Operation

A qualified person (an individual properly trained in securing mobility aides and positioning occupant restraints) must ensure that the intended application conforms to current, applicable industry standards and government regulations regarding the installation of wheelchair securement and occupant restraint systems.

The vehicle and/or seat manufacturer and/or vehicle modifier must review and approve the system’s location, method of installation and operation of the securement system. The vehicle floor and sidewall structures, where the system anchorages are attached, must have sufficient strength to meet applicable federal government and recommended industry standards.

Not all wheelchairs (e.g. scooter) are endorsed by their manufacturer for use as an occupant seat when transporting an individual in a motor vehicle. Contact the manufacturer of your wheelchair for their recommendation regarding alternative seating options.

Some wheelchairs are compliant with the ANSI/RESNA transit safety standard WC-19, which means that they have been dynamically tested. To determine if your wheelchair is ANSI/RESNA WC-19 compliant, refer to your wheelchair’s labeling or owner’s manual or contact the wheelchair manufacturer.